2013 Summit

As a member, supporter and business within the Chimney Sweep industry, Olympia Chimney Supply has felt the impact that every other business has. With economic instability and legislative pressures hitting us hard, we need to remain cognoscente of best business practices to keep our firms growing and profitable. In addition, the Guilds have always stressed the importance of education; and, as a partner Olympia would like to work with you to promote a series of educational seminars with two of the leading and most respected industry professionals, Jerry Isenhour & Hope Stevenson.

Jerry Isenhour & Hope Stevenson
Bring You
The 'How To's' of Building a Profitable Business

This Summit will allow you & your members to obtain 12 to 15 CEU's while helping you to manage, organize and run your business successfully. Jerry & Hope will cover a multitude of topics over this 2 1/2 day event; ranging from finance to customer service to operations and then some. It will certainly have something for everyone!

This 2013 Summit is coming to an area near you:

Sturbridge, MA - January 15 - 17
Dayton, OH - January 29 - 31
Harrisburg, PA - February 5 - 7
Greenville, SC - February 12 - 14
Madison, WI - February 19 - 21

Cost of the Event: $399.00/person (for the 1st Registrant of the company)
$299.00 (for every registrant of the company thereafter)

Discounts will be extended: - Register by December 15, 2012 & receive $50.00 off your registration. Membership to an NCSG or HPBA National or Regional Affiliate/Guild will make you eligible to receive $50.00 off the registration fee.

Additional details will be forwarded in the coming months. In the interim, Olympia is asking for your partnership in promoting and encouraging your members to attend. The success of OUR industry is dependent on the success of each one of us!

Thank you for your time, consideration and continued support.

Olympia Chimney Supply